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About Us

Online Business Management, Consulting & Virtual Assistant Services

My VA Flex offers marketing & operational support to individuals, businesses, and brands of all shapes and sizes. We are based in the UK, in the quaint historic town of Hadleigh in Sunny Suffolk.

We have many year’s experience in social media and marketing, as well as service support and office environments across a range of sectors from charities and NGO’s to lifestyle brands, construction, IT, and transport & logistics.

Matters of the Heart

We are passionate about giving back and love working with coaches, educational organisations, and causes for the greater good.

We work with heart charities in the UK and Europe, engaging with their communities to raise public awareness of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).
We are passionate about Accessible and Inclusive Communication via online channels.


Charlotte (AKA Charlie) is the Founder, Lead OBM & Consultant at My VA Flex. With over two decades of experience, Charlotte helps other people and their organisation’s by improving their business operations and managing their marketing strategies and online channels.

She has a great sense of humour and a knack for turning complicated content into bitesize snippets of information. Raising awareness of CHD is something very close to her heart, she is a #CHD advocate and an ambassador for those affected by Congenital Heart Disease. She is also an advocate for Trauma-Informed Psychology and Neurodiversity.

In 2019 she moved from South Africa to the UK with her husband and son. While in South Africa, Charlotte held several marketing and IT management positions with companies like Whisky Live SA, Concero IT & the global Logistics group – Super Group. She also freelanced as a Social Media Architect and Blogger when her son was born, working with the popular lifestyle magazine BigCityLife and marketing and social media agencies Purple Raindrop & Social Ideas.

Charlotte “loves” Coffee [Caffeine is non-negotiable], rocks, anything sweet, and last but not least – famous quotes, especially if they are Top Gun related.

Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIn.